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VW Gas problem - no beans!

I drive a 99 VE Bug, Yellow, and just this winter in Missouri, the first start after I get gas, the car needs extra help starting - normally, I just turn the key and vroom! But the first start after I get gas I need to pump and pump and then hold the gas down for about a full minute after it finally catches and goes. It is not the starter - it is cranking fine. My two thoughts are (1) there is gunk in the tank and when I fill it it stirs it up and closgs the fuel line a little bit or (2) maybe the fuel pump is somehow loosing the prime when I put in gas - help! I am afraid as the temps continue to drop I may be strande3d at the gas station with a full tank of gas!

My guess is that you’re losing the gas in the fuel line back into the tank when you open and thus vent the system. For this to happen you need some passage for air to enter the line at the engine end, which could indicate a leaky injector.

Try turning the key to the “on” position for three or four seconds before going to the “start” position. If my wild guess is correct, that should allow the pump to repressurize the fuel line and the engine should start right up.

Post back with the results.

This is consistent with an evaporative canister purge valve stuck open. The engine management system should be opening the valve to periodically vent fuel from the evaporative canister while the engine is running. If the valve is stuck open, the pressure of fuel going into the tank could force fuel from the evap canister into the engine, flooding it before starting. You may set a diagnostic code for an air/fuel metering problem. Any check engine light?

Have you had a CEL (Check Engine Light)? Have the code(s) read and post them back here. It should be like P0123)

Barry is right. This is not an uncommon problem in newer VWs. A new purge valve is cheap and easy to replace.

Thank you all - we will get this checked Monday - and let you know - yes we have CEL - we ( my husband) left the OEM gas cap in Oklahoma this summer, CEL came on after we replaced with non-oem and we have just kind of ignored it because codes kept reading a gas/fuel mix type thingy which we attributed to the new gas cap.