Car Won't Start After Getting Gas!?



My 2006 VW Jetta will not start after getting gas!! I have to try at least a half dozen times before it will start AND this ONLY happens after getting gas!



The next time you refuel fill the tank with a set amount that will not cause the pump nozzle to click off i.e. if you can add 20 gallons, only put in 19. Now see if the problem still occurs.

Also try a mock fill up. Drive to the station; park at the pump; spend the same time as you would take filling up; and then try to start the engine.

Get back to us with the results of these tests.


Well, what do you do to get it started when it does not start after filling up? Give us something to work with. :slight_smile:


I tried both the mock fill up and the lower amounts of gas…car still will not start immediately after a fill up…it takes about 6 -10 times trying to get it to start before it finally starts…


i continue to try until it finally does start…can take up to 10 tries sometimes!! Grr!!!


Have you been driving only a short distance before you fill up? Have you tried a flood clear when this happens? A flood clear is where you push the gas pedal to the floor while cranking. When the engine does start, does it run rough and stumble?

I don’t want to appear to be doing a twenty question exercise here but I am trying to zero in on the circumstances and conditions when your problem occurs. Once you know the engine condition when this problem occurs you can present it to your mechanic, as example, “after 10 minutes of driving, I shut off the engine for 5 minutes and it is very hard to restart.” Then the mechanic has a chance to recreat the problem and diagnose exactly what is happening.

If you wish to troubleshoot this problem yourself further, post back and I can give you more help.


it doesn’t matter if I have driven a short distance or a long distance, whenever I put gas in my tank, it takes several times before it starts. Yes, I do the flood clear to get it started and yes, sometimes the car stumbles before it starts…it is as if it “catches” and then starts. it’s very frustrating b/c the car starts after any time that it is not on except after getting gas…HELP!!


It could be the EVAP purge valve is bad and stuck open. I had the same problem on a 98 Beetle. If it is still under warranty you should take it to the dealer.


I am having the exact same problem with my 2003 Chevy Cavalier. Every time I fill up it takes me like 8 times to get it started and I just keep trying till it finally starts. I guess I’ll ask the mechanic if it could be the EVAP purge valve?


If it is under warranty, don’t bother, it is a warranty issue.

If no longer under warranty, then I suggest trying a new gas cap. Yea, guys there does not seem to be a logical connection, but it is something Doddsdiana can do almost for free and there is a remote chance it may be a problem.


Car is no longer under warranty :frowning:
It sucks b/c the dealer is such a rip off but my local mechanic can’t figure it out.

I just received a letter from VW a few days ago saying that my car falls under a recall for bad ignition coils and they will fix THAT for free. Is there chance that this is related to my car not starting right after getting gas?

In the meantime< i will look up the EVAP purge valve. Thanks! Diana


If your coils go bad it will run rough or not at all. So that is not the problem.

My EVAP purge valve is $150 from my local dealer, I think is was around $90 online. You want to have your mechanic test the old one before you go spending that kind of cash on a new one.

Let use know when you get it figured out.


Hey I am having the exact same problem with my bug.
did you get this fixed and figure out what the problem was.
I am going crazy and sick of dumping money into my car… I’m at whits end, but i need this fixed.
they replaced my cank shaft position sensor, but that is clearly not the problem
PLEASE can you eamil me directly with the resolution
MUCH appreciated!!!


Did you figure it out? I too have an awesome 06 Jetta that takes three or four times to start but only after filling up. Thinking I’ll clean my MAF Thanks