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67 VW Beetle

My 67 Beetle will sometimes start just fine and then other times it will take a while with gas. Sometimes I have to wait a while to get it going too. If I drive the car too far it will want to break down and I have to keep the fuel at over 1/2 a tank or it will break down. Any advice would be helpful! Thanks!

These are all signs of a weak fuel pump. Test the line pressure.
If you find the pressure low, the below link will get you a new pump.

Check the short piece of rubber hose that connects the fuel tank outlet to the pipe that goes to the engine. If that rubber is dried out and porous it will allow air to be drawn in and the lower the level of the fuel in the tank the more likely the problem will occur.

Just another thought, but what kind of gas cap do you have on it? I think the '67s had a gas cap that allowed for venting. If the tank cannot vent, the pressure variations in the tank can can do strange things, even starve the fuel pump. Try driving it with a loosened gas cap to see if there is a difference.

One more thing - if the rubber gas lines are old, replace them. Also have any metal fuel lines inspected for corrosion.

My 67 Bug used to eat points, especially the cheap sets. Use Bosch points if they still make them. When was the last time the valves were adjusted, it’s a 3k interval for the 67.

If I recall there is a “U” shaped tube in the top of the carb, it should spray gas into the carb when the accelerator is pushed (accelerator pump?). If it’s clogged the bug will have a bad hesitation.

Most importantly, pick up a copy of “How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive” by John Muir.

Good luck,

Ed B.