Check Engine Light on VW BUG

Whenever I fill up my VW bug it has trouble starting … Starts fine in the morning or if just sitting BUT when I stop and put in new gas it has trouble starting AND then when it does finally start the check engine light comes on and the code says “misfire” which I am sure is a correct code since in fact it has such a hard time starting
BUT WHY? WHY ONLY AFTER FILLING UP WITH GAS ? And what can I do about it ???

New Beetle not air-cooled, right? Year, engine, mileage? I would start simple, read the owners manual and see what it says about gas station fillups, some cars require you to tighten the gas cap until the cap “clicks” 3 or 4 times… It may be that simple, post back. Rocketman

When the nozzle clicks off are you continuing to cram fuel in by adding another dollar, etc?

Code misfire is what? Cylinder specific, random misfire, etc?

This is a fairly common problem. My wife and I came up with a fail safe technique for filling our vehicles and it’s worked for years. Set the nozzle at the slowest setting and let the nozzle do it’s work. When it shuts off…remove the nozzle and hang it up. When you continue to pump after the nozzle has shut off…all you are doing is filling up the filler tube which is never a good idea.

A failing evap purge valve

Knfenimore stole the words right out of my Toolbox…


It does indeed sound like a fuel tank evap problem. Good ideas above. One thing you could do as a driveway experiment – don’t drive the car this way – is to loosen the gas cap slightly when this happens, see if that makes the hard starting go away. If so, that would confirm an evap problem. As mentioned above, this isn’t an uncommon problem.