Having troubles starting my car, mostly after pumping gas!

I have a 2006 vw Jetta and it runs great. It started out just when I would get gas the car wouldn’t start I would have to turn the key and put my foot on the gas for it to start (starts pretty much the first time I do this) but recently it has done this three random times when I didn’t fill up. Also my check engine light is on. Any help on what this problem could be?

This is almost a standard reply here. Have the codes read and list them here and it will increase your chance of good suggestions. Auto Zone will do that except in a couple of states.

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With most cars now you don’t put your foot on the gas to start. Read your owner’s manual first. You may be giving the car too much gas.

The only time I’ve had that problem, it was a fuel pump going south. The other potential is malfunctioning evaporative system or maybe even a leaking injector that floods the engine and getting gas is just coincidental. Do you stop fueling when the pump clicks off or do you continue to put in every last drop the tank will hold when filling with gas?

The problem that the OP describes is almost always caused by forcing more gas into the tank after the gas pump clicks off for the first time.
If I was about to cross the Atacama Desert, I might try that risky practice, but for most of us, it is just not necessary, and it is potentially costly.

A friend of mine ignored my advice, continued to force every possible drop of gas into the tank of his Highlander, and wound up paying more than $300 for replacement of the carbon canister that he had contaminated via his fueling practices.

In any event, the first step toward resolution of this problem is for the OP to get the stored trouble codes read–free of charge–at an auto parts store.

Yeah I tried telling a couple friends and they thought I was nuts and just laughed at me. I don’t mind being laughed at as long as they don’t put gas in my cars.

When naysayers question my advice on this topic, I simply say (softly)…You’ll be sorry!..


The problem might be with the purge valve in the EVAP system.

This valve is normally closed. But if the valve sticks open, fuel vapors can be forced into the engine while refueling, and this can cause a flooded condition where it requires that the accelerator be depressed in order to start the engine.

Since the advent of OBDII, it’s impossible to flood the carbon canister in the EVAP system on today’s vehicles. Because not only does it have roll-over valve, it also has a refueling control valve.