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VW CC Transmission

Two years ago I bought a 2012 VW CC S with a turbo engine. i drive maybe 100 miles a week. All of a sudden the transmission went out and the extended warranty just expired. I don’t have thousands of dollars to repair it, although I am still working with the dealer. Has anyone else had a transmission go out at 50,000 miles?.

What is your question? I don’t see how a list of people who had a transmission failure at 50k will help you.

Has anyone else had a transmission failure at 50,000 miles, and what did they do? I don’t have $5000 to spend on a new transmission for a car that I will owe $$$ on. The VW dealer is not very helpful and I am waiting to hear back from VW Customer Care. At this point, I am ready to give the car back to them. Thank you

I’ve seen a transmission not make it to 36k miles before. It was covered under warranty.

You need to post this on a VW forum, like VWvortex or thesamba, and see what folks there have done.

If you don’t get any goodwill assistance from VW, you should definitely get a quote from a good local transmission shop (not a chain). Chances are they’ll be somewhat lower than the dealer’s quote. In the worst case, you could throw in a used transmission if that’s all you can afford, although that’s generally a step I’d take only for cars much older than yours.

As for the transmission failing early, can you tell us if the transmission has been maintained properly and if the fluid level has been checked and kept at the right level all along? Do you have any more details on what actually failed here (beyond just “went out”)?

My extended warranty expired a few months ago. My last car was a 15 year old Infintii and I never had that problem.

Thanks, I didn’t know about them.

You bought a used vehicle that could have had serious abuse before you got it. What other people have had happen does not apply. The warranty has expired so the dealer does not have to do anything. I don’t think your giving the car back is rational thinking. If you mean just stop paying for it there goes your credit rating. Also why would the dealer want a vehicle that will cost close to repair as they can sell it for?

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?? If there’s a known problem, and if other owners have received help from VW, or if the problem requires less than a full transmission replacement, that would certainly apply, don’t you think?

There is a very good repair shop that deals almost exclusively with VW’s. They have offered to take a look but I would need to have it towed there. I did order a CarFax report and it shows regular service was done. (Car was bought in AZ in 2011, sold at auction in CA in early 2014, and I bought it in WA in July 2014.)

All of a sudden last week, the transmission would not shift smoothly. When going from 2nd to 3rd gear, it make s a loud clunk and takes a long time to shift.

If the OP was original owner I would say yes. But it was used and sold at auction and registered in three states.

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I don’t have $5000 for a new transmission. End of story.

Well, to be perfectly clear, it is very unlikely that anyone would install a “new” transmission in your car. Instead, they can either rebuild it, or install somebody else’s rebuilt transmission.
If you go to an independent transmission shop that has been in business for several years, you should be able to get a “rebuild” for much less than $5k.
Bear in mind that if you use a dealer for this type of repair, he is just going to send your trans to a shop and then charge you that shop’s fee, plus a mark-up.

Whatever you do, do NOT go to Lee Myles, Cottman, Mr. Transmission, or…God forbid…AAMCO, unless you want to be overcharged for inferior workmanship.

I wouldn’t. There are two very good VW repair shops in my area I trust. Thx

…and unless they are fairly unusual, they don’t actually rebuild transmissions. Most mechanics–and many new car dealerships–farm that type of specialized work out to…specialists.
Why pay the VW shop’s marked-up price for a trans overhaul done by a specialist shop, instead of simply taking the car to a trans shop on your own, and potentially saving a few hundred bucks?

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There aren’t that many close to where I live.

I agree with @VDCdriver. It will take some work to find a good transmission shop near you, but the savings may be worth the effort. This will also mean you have to be without the car for a week or two. Since you don’t drive it much, this should not be too big a problem. If you already have a good relationship with a repair shop, maybe they will help you find a transmission repair shop. If the trans shop can’t take the transmission out, you have to go with a garage to remove the trans and reinstall it.

Another vote for VDCdriver’s recommendation.
You’ll likely get your most honest assessment from an independent transmission repair shop

Does this have the DSG transmission? It will say DSG on the gear selector. Though it is an automatic it basically has a dual clutch rather than a torque converter. I don’t doubt a VW dealers assessment of needing a new transmission but it could be it just needs a new clutch.