Volkswagen Warranty Issue

We has a major (price wise) engine failure in our Volkswagen at 52,000 miles - 2,000 miles out of warranty. And Volkswagen has turned their back on us. It is detailed on our web page at: http://www… If nothing else, the web page has been a great stress reliever. I would appreciate any comments.

Well they have no responsibility to pay for a repair that is not covered under the warranty. It would be nice if they would or if they would split the cost, but 50,000 miles means 50,000 miles not 50,000 plus some more.

What would you do if you traded in a car and two days later the dealer called and said the transmission fell out and wanted you to pay the cost?

This is a tough one to answer.
After working for VW for quite a while I have never seen them hesitate to cover a legitimate warranty claim; and they’ve even covered a few under a good-will warranty that should not have been covered.

If VW warranties this because it’s only a couple of thousand miles out then where do they stop? Six months out of warranty, 20k miles out, who knows?

That being said you have suffered an unusual, and pricy, problem that should not have occurred. Most timing gear and chain failures are usually related to lack of regular oil changes, but you state the oil has been changed at roughly 3k intervals and that’s fine.

Did you buy the vehicle new; as in only 4-5 miles on the car new? What type of oil have you been using in it?
I note the comment on the copy of the receipt about customer provided coolant and was wondering about oil type.

If the oil meets the standard then I have no idea what caused this unless it was as you say; a problem with either a defective dab of metal when made or it was improperly treated. I think that GM had a number of camshafts going flat back in the 70s due to improper metal treating on a batch of them.
It may be that this was just a sheer fluke with a one in a million defective part.