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Volvo Transmission

I am having transmission problems with my Volvo. It’s slipping and jerking. The Computer Diagnostic isn’t showing much, but we can all feel the problem. Even my mechanic. My extended warranty company are being really tough. Any suggestions?

Yep, a Volvo that needs a new transmission is very expensive and the extended warranty company knows it. If you haven’t figured it out Volvo’s are super expensive to repair and keep on the road as they age. I’d suggest you sell it just before the extended warranty expires. If the trans stops working completely the warranty company may have to repair it. However as long as the car moves when you push the gas petal they are going to deny your requests to fix it.

I think you’re right re: the warranty company. My mechanic of 30 years wants to put a rebuilt transmission in. The dealer wants to put in an upgrade on a part that affects the shifting (which I don’t think will do anything) at my expense. The bottom line is, though, is that until the car completely stops–no one wants to do anything! My mechanic, whom I’ve dearly trusted and adored, wants nothing to do with the warranty company!! So frustrating–the car is almost paid off!