Transmission slipping...but not all the time

About a month ago I started to notice this whining noise while driving. Also the RPM would rev up and down. Took it to the dealer and they did a thorough check–kept it three days–and said they found nothing. The symptoms had stopped!

However, it seems like these symptoms come back every 2-3 weeks. It’s like the transmission is slipping, but shouldn’t it be making these whining noises and RPM revving more consistently?

One last note, there’s an interlock device on the car which is hooked into the electrical system. Is it possible that the device is causing these problems? I’m supposed to get the device off next month. Do you think it’s safe to drive for that much longer? Planning to junk or sell it afterwards.

I guess this is a VW CC with an automatic transmission. What year, and how many miles are on it? Since the dealer had it, I also suppose they checked the transmission fluid condition and level. When was the last time the trans fluid was changed?

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It is automatic. It’s a 2012 with about 157,000 miles. I honestly don’t remember the last time I had the fluid changed. I called a mechanic about getting it flushed and he told me that if I had neglected it for that long, that changing the fluid at this point would cause the car to fail faster. Is that generally accepted as true?

I want to sell it soon, even if it ends up being a junker, but due to certain legal things, I need to keep driving it until around mid-May.

Was this a ( Buy Here Pay Here ) car lot ? And why even consider putting one dime more into this thing then necessary. Mid May is not that far so if it has to be junked before then so what.

Also your mechanic is just looking out for you and your checking account.

It is only accepted as “true” by ill-informed people, and incompetent mechanics.
You might want to consider a new mechanic, and you REALLY need to have that transmission fluid changed, a.s.a.p. if you are planning on keeping the car.

I have a different take on the mechanics statement about failing sooner. I think the mechanic knows the person wants to get rid of this thing . I also think he knows that he really does not want to charge for the fluid exchange and then have to explain why it did not help .


I think you should change the transmission fluid and filter ASAP. Do not flush–do a drain and fill, which is also the only way to change the filter screen located inside the transmission.

Also, I can’t imagine a 2012 car with only 157,000 miles being worth so little/in such poor condition that you would even consider junking it. That’s not even 10 years old! Unless this car has severe body damage from being in accident(s) or a flood, it should be worth enough to justify keeping it around.