VW Axel seal

1997 VW Golf 157000 miles manual 5 speed. I love my car. At last oil change I was told that the front axel seal was leaking, but not to worry, just be sure to mention it when I came in for oil changes so they could check lube level and make sure it is ok. I am concerned I am getting bad advise. Should I go somewhere else and get it looked at/fixed. Thanks!!!

I am assuming that the mechanic saw a seepage at one of the half shaft transmission seals. If you are not seeing oil spots under your car after parking and if there is no signs of oil blowing back from the transmission, the advice the mechanic gave you is correct. He probably saw the seepage; assessed that it was not excessive at the time; and used his professional judgement that observation of the leakage was appropriate. He made you aware that there could be a future problem but that the present state of affairs would not likely cause the transmission to lose all of its fluid within the mileage you go between services.

If this problem spooks you, ask a shop or dealership how much it would cost to replace the axle seal and then decide whether the cost of repair or peace of mind is more valuable. Consider your time frame for replacing this car; that you are probably going to be putting more and more money into unscheduled repairs; and the blue book value of the car as a risk to loss of the transmission.

Otherwise, happy motoring.