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Gene's 2007 Honda Odyssey Leaking Axle Seals

Own a honda odyssey 2007. Runs fine. Dealer states rear axle seals leaking-$500.00 to repair. What does the repair entail? Is it important to do? Thanks.

Are you sure he said rear axle seals? Wasn’t that a front wheel drive vehicle? It wouldn’t have a rear axle. It has independent rear suspension.

I don’t know from rear axle seals, but I will make this suggestion. When you start passing on a repair, because you can get by without it, you are entering a slippery slope. Next might be a turn signal, then that alignment job that you know you should do but maybe next month when I might have more money … Soon you will be buying a new car because the old one is just junk, junk you did not have the time or money to maintain.

Don’t take this personal, but I am just using your question as an opportunity to remind everyone.

I agree with Joseph. That said, if the mechanic really said “rear axle seals” on your Odyssey, he might as well have said you need a new muffler bearing - in other words, you don’t have rear axle seals, and so it’s entirely unnecessary to replace them.

My bad-it is the front axle seals that are leaking. Should I have it repaired and is $500.00 reasonable? I heard somewhere that they replace the axle entirely. Is that true?

The front axle seals prevent transmission fluid from leaking out the transmission where the axles are inserted. So it requires that the axles be removed in order to replace the seals. If both axle seals require replacing then that quoted price isn’t that far off line.

Should they be replaced? Unless you’re willing to add transmission fluid when required to replace that which leaked out to prevent transmission damage, then no. But if you’ld rather just drive the vehicle and not worry if the transmission fluid is getting too low, then yes.


Thanks guys. Very helpful. This is a great forum.

I would just add that seals like these can do all sorts of things that can be called “leaks.” I have an axle seal that has been seeping for quite a while. It doesn’t lose enough fluid to drip or even for me to ever have to add between transmission servicing. It basically just leaves the area around and right under the seal damp.

Its been like that for a long time. I figured I’d just wait until it got worse or until I need to replace the axle. If I took it to a Ford dealer, I’m sure they’d be happy to tell me that I should replace my “leaking” axle seal.

Do note, that I am talking about an old, high mileage Ford escort, however. Its not a newer, lower mileage Honda minivan. So that figures into my decision about.

Anyway, long story short, there are leaks and then there are LEAKS. Dealership service departments, in general, are known for picking things apart to find work for them to charge you for. Maybe its time you found a local, independent mechanic.

Of course, if you are leaving puddles & running low on transmission fluid then you must do this asap before you create a very expensive transmission problem.

After some thought on this post, I have a feeling there is some misinterpretation by the OP of what’s really needed.

My gut feeling is that by axle seals they’re referring to halfshaft boots which may be cracked and slinging grease. If that’s the case then 500 is about right for a pair of shafts.

It would be very unusual to have axle seals leaking on an '07 anything. Can you clarify this? Seals and boots are not one and the same

cigroller hit the nail on the head. apparently a little wet spot to the dealership is a major leak. thanks for the tip.