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Leaky axle seal

My 5 spd Escort wagon has 151,000 miles and a consistant leaky right axle seal. I replaced the seal twice and the half axle twice and it still leaked fluid after each time, so I took it down to a transmission shop and they replaced the seal (same result) so then they replaced the half axle (this was the third time in four months) with the same results (leaky seal 2 qts in 400 miles). What can be causing this problem?

It’s possible that the sealing surface of the axle case has been gouged or damaged in some manner. This would create a persistent leak no matter how many times the seal is replaced.

When you or the shop changed out the seal, was any damage noticed at the time?

No damage was found on the axle case. The leak is actually between the seal and the axle itself not the seal and the axle case, that is why I am so confused with this leak.