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Axle seal leaks

When I took my Saturn L300 to the dealer recently for its regular oil change I was told that my right front axel seal was leaking and it will cost me $580 to replace. This seems awfully high to me. Am I getting fleeced by the GM dealer?

Let’s see…“dealer” and “fleece” in the same sentence. I thought everyone knew that those go together.

You likely went b/c they offer some oil change special or something. They don’t intend to make money on the oil change. They intend to get you in the door to sell you other things.

I would just find a good, local, independent shop to take the car to. If you’re not low on transmission fluid (keep checking it to make sure) then just drive on. Then at your next oil change at your new regular mechanic’s shop ask them to have a look around for leaks and advise you.