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2005 Malibu Classic Right Front Axel Seal Leak

The last two times I have gotten my oil change the technicians have said I have had a small leak of transmission fluid. I have never noticed any on the ground. So, I took it to a mechanic and he said that it is a right front axel seal leak that is moist (with transmission fluid) but not dripping. He quoted me at around $110-$150 to fix it (includes labor). He also said that I didn’t need to fix it until it gets worse and actually starts dripping. Do you agree that I can wait on this fix until then? And, does $110-$150 sound like a decent price? Thank you.

Yes you can wait,but does it include the part. The price sounds about right for my area, as long it is not the dealer.

Yes, that includes the part. It is not a dealer, it’s a local car shop that I have had good luck with in the past, but I still want to check their recommendation out. Thank you.