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Volvo XC-70 (2008) Repair Manual

Hey all,

In driving around Chicago I have had an ‘interaction’ with another car resulting in the breaking of the inner metal bit of my passenger side mirror. I feel like I could repair it (or get it good enough) if I could just get the thing apart without doing more damage, but alas, I can not find a shop manual for this thing. Is that just not something that is available? Maybe until the car is very old? I have searched around the intertubes, and looked under the usual (for me not having bought one in decades) Haynes, Helms, etc. with no good results. Chilton’s will sell me access to their site, but won’t tell me if they address my need or not first…

Do any of you have a good idea?

Thanks in advance,

Year might be helpful.

2008 - sorry about the oversight!

Was the year in the subject before?? I don’t remember seeing it. If it was, I apologize. I did look…twice.

Apparently you’re right. There are no repair manuals you can buy…seemingly no one publishes one. I did find this download for a PDF file that claims to be a maintenance manual.

I don’t know anything about the site. Since it’s a Internet download, check it with your AV software first. Adobe seems to be having lots of security problems of late.

Thanks; the description on the link says owners, not repair.

And I added the year to the subject, so you are not crazy.

Nobody have any ideas?

Thanks again, chaissos

Sorry, for every site I checked, owners manual was the best I could find. Even the big sites (like Alldata) only offer electronic browser editions, not smething you could even download and print.

Not sure about your car, but I’ve found ebay to be a pretty good place to find factory service manuals on some cars.

You can usually use Chilton’s online for free on your local public library website. Our county library even has Alldata but you have to be at our central library to use it.

Ooh, thanks Oldtimer 11. Didn’t even think about that one. I don’t mind paying for the online access once I know that it will show me what I need, but that will allow me to see what is up.

Thanks again! (will also check Ebay, FordMan)