Cant seem to find a repair manual

Havin a helluva time finding a repair manual for this 2003 mistubishi outlander the wife drives. Anyone have any idea where i could find one? All the parts stores have every one EXCEPT this outlander.

Try your local library.

If not a lot of a car has been sold in the US, Haynes will not put out a manual for it. I had a 1998 Olds Intrigue … Intrigues were only made 98-02 an Haynes never made a manual for it.

Try Chiltons online from your local library system. From our library we can also access Mitchells online but only from the central library.

Have you done a web search ? That seems to show a lot of results.

My best manuals were factory service manuals from the manufacturer but are a couple hundred dollars. Haynes, etc. provide limited information but better than nothing, but have you tried All Data for a computer subscription? Otherwise other models can be so closely related that would cover most issues.

emanualsonline was a site I used with good luck. Yours is listed for $20. Be sure to save it to your HD… and a few people have had problems w/ the wrong manual downloading.

Alldata has a version for Diy customers but i don’t see the Outlander listed when you search by Year/Make/Model. Chiltons has one that you can only access online for $30 a year.

Got me thinkin bout the factory books. That seems like the best way to go. Found some CD’s too. The books are spendy but asl long as she doesn’t wreck the damn thing it may be worth it

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Chiltons/Haynes manuals are notoriously generic with information and often do not have detailed info with some of that info being flat out wrong.

I see that eBay has some for sale including factory manuals Volume 1 through whatever. However, at 60 odd dollars each an entire set can be prohibitively pricy. Maybe you could just buy one volume to cover the most needed area.

Years ago I owned a SAAB 900 and the service manuals for that year covered 9 volumes at 100 bucks each. I just bought the electrical volume which was very well laid out and covered what I needed.

Thanks for the research.

I found a diy manuals dot com or whatever. They want 270 for the whole set. 99 for the cd.

Would the chassis manual cover the suspension components?

Honestly i find the parts manual the most useful.

Its like havin the puzzle all laid out and all you gotta do is connect the peices, if that makes any sense at all

I think Mitchell DIY is the best on-line manual for the DIYer.

The professional version is also the best I’ve used.


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I’ve found Chilton’s & Haynes sufficient for my '87 Toyota pickup.

Yes, the chassis manual will cover suspension, steering, wheel bearings, etc.

I agree with Tester that Mitchell is the best option.

The problem I have with Haynes/Chilton is that a lot of the info is generic and is often wrong.
My son has a Chilton manual for his Camaro with the 3.8 and it is stated in that manual that 6 PSI of oil pressure at 1800 RPMs is normal.

It also states that when it comes to compression readings that it’s perfectly fine to have one cylinder at 150 and another at 105. Both (meaning oil press. and compression) are beyond asinine. The bigger problem is that people read this crap and believe it. When the mechanic says no way they will then say “but the manual says…”. The manual is wrong whether they believe it or not.