Online search yields no repair manual for '98 Toyota Corolla

The project I plan to work on first is to replace the power window motor on the driver’s door.

I have emailed Haynes to ask if their book has those instructions and they said they did not.

I have searched for a Chilton’s manual and it seems the years 98-99 are skipped. I emailed one vendor and they said they couldn’t find a book for that year either.

I also need to do some interior cosmetic type work like replacing/repairing the ceiling fabric, repairing nicks in various plastic or vinyl parts.

Do you have any suggestions as to another brand of repair manual or instructions online for this type of thing? (especially the window motor)


Matbe this will help

You need a factory service manual or All Data subscription for that detail. Might try Ebay but you need the factory manual not Haynes, etc.


I like It used to be 14 bucks for the first car then 10 bucks for each additional car. That is a yearly subscription which gives you access to all their databases, which I found to be pretty complete. Not quite as good as an original OEM service manual, but even if you could get your hands on those, it’d be closer to a hundred bucks.

You won’t find instructions on the kind of repairs you asking about in any manual.

It’s OK to use common sense to guide you with the repairs you are stating.

Take the door panel off and look at the set-up,bet you can figure it out.

You can go to the parts store or the Dealer and look at their pictures of the parts you need. You can tell quite a bit looking at a exploded view diagram.

Exactly what do you want to know about the window motor job?

By stopping by and asking nicely I’ve had dealer service departments print out “exploded view” assembly drawings for me.

Here is a link to a sale of one on Ebay.|39%3A1|65%3A12|240%3A1318&_trksid=p4506.c0.m245

I had the power window in my Galant fail yesterday. I just opened the door panel and went through stuff one by one and figured how to get the assembly out. It wasn’t difficult. Installing the new one today took much shorter and it was easy. Just be careful not to break the window, usually a screw drive jammed between the corners of the window and the seal does this trick. As far as the other repairs I doubt any manual will go over them.

The factory service manual will certainly cover that repair. It’s the book that your dealer’s mechanics use when they need help. It has every part, fastener, wiring diagram, special tool, etc, and repair procedures for almost everything in the car, including every available option for your individual model/year.

Check ebay, search the term “Factory Service Manual” along with your year, make and model. You should find at least one. It’ll cost a pretty penny, but mine was well worth it.

For my 2002 Toyota Sienna, the Toyota shop manual does not at all tell that detailed stuff. It is clearly written for an experienced mechanic who does not need nor use it.

Interesting site. I didn’t find the help I needed for this question but I did find other helpful info. Thanks