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Volvo V70 automatic to manual swap

Hello all,

I’ve wanted a used Volvo wagon for a while and find most of them in automatic, but if I wanted to have a shop put in a manual transmission, is that possible? Also, would a 2001, 103,000 mile Volvo V70 still have another 200,000 miles in it or is that expecting too much?

It would be cost prohibitive. The engine management computer for the automatic transmissioned vehicle isn’t programmed to be used with a manual transmission.


Possible, yes, but as Tester said, it would cost an enormous amount of money. In practical terms, keep looking until you find a car with a factory-installed manual transmission or learn to love an automatic.

The days when Volvos routinely lasted 300,000 miles are mostly in the past. Again, it’s possible you could get 300K miles, but it’s unlikely unless cost is no object. Things change.