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Maintenance for an old car

I have a 99 Volvo V70 (base) with 173K miles. Owned since new and it runs fine. I want to have my 16 year old daughter drive it going forward. I have been doing regular maintenance, however the owners manual stopped providing the list of required maintenance a while ago. What is a sensible list of maintenance for the car over the next 50 to 100K miles? I dont want to wait for something to break.

I think your Volvo needs a timing belt water pump job every 70K miles. It also calls for new plugs, plug wires, distributor cap every 30K miles. I’d replace coolant every 3 years, brake fluid every 3 years, transmission fluid every 30K miles, etc.

Even though you are over the spaces provided in your maintenance log you can still use the same time and mileage intervals going forward. The required maintenance stays the same as the car ages. What changes is more parts break more often so you have to budget more money for repairs.

Take a look at the owner’s manual. You should be able to figure out that you need to change the oil ever year or X number of miles. Just keep doing what you have been doing.

When the maintenance schedule runs out, you start over from that point. I think you will see that the owners manual instructs you to do this. If the last service entered is 140k miles, then you subtract that from your current mileage and start over. If there is an oil change at 5k, then at 145k you do an oil change.