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Transmission probems with VOLVO V70 2.4T?

I have 128K miles on my V70 wagon. Bought it CPO from dealer in 2002 with 26K miles. Have done regular maintenance and oil changes over the years. An automatic, the car has been “shifting” really hard in lower gears, especially in the a.m. and also when the car is in stop and go traffic. It “lurches” while I have my foot on the brake waiting at stops. VOLVO dealership tells me I need a new transmission. How can a Volvo with only 127K miles need a new transmission? Two questions – 1) Are there other possibilities here other than transmission; and 2) do I have a leg to stand on to have Volvo take care of this problem without charging me the $4,800 they want for the transmission job (obviously I won’t pay that because I don’t think the car is even worth that anymore).

Answer to #1 - certainly other possibilities, such as the computer module that controls the transmission.

Answer to #2 - I don’t see any.

I had a '98 Volvo V70XC wagon, bought it with 162K miles and sold it with 210K miles. I used an independent Volvo specialty shop for my repairs, which were numerous over 4 years.

As far as the trans I had no problems. I’ll report my mechanics advice, he said not to do any more maintenance on the trans. He said he’d never seen a Volvo with 200K miles that had not had at least one new transmission. He said a flush and fill, or transmission service might cause sludge or whatever to be knocked loose and I guess plug up some of the many passages that are in an auto trans. I was living on borrowed time with my tranny as it was.

My advice, if you keep this Volvo you will face many more repairs down the road on brakes, mounts, drive shafts, sensors, fuel pumps, you name it. If you have needed only routine maintenance up to this point count yourself lucky. Although I can’t believe you haven’t needed numerous brake jobs, especially the rear brakes, Trade the car in and let a dealer repair it to resell it.

What year is this Volvo??


#2 Fat chance. Sorry.

Don’t give up on it until transman says so. respond to his question above.