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Volvo v70 transmission

my v70’s transmission has been acting up - shifting hard from 1st to second gear and visa versa. my shop is telling me the transmission needs a “complete” overhaul but i’m wondering how much i should be paying for this, and if its worth investigating a rebuilt transmission?

Get a second opinion.

You didn’t tell us year or mileage, so it’s hard to say.

Has the transmission fluid been changed according to the manufacturer’s service schedule?

I would definately get a second opinion like mc said. What year and engine size is your v70??


vehicle is a 2001 and has 96k miles. the vehicle has been maintained according to the manufactures recommendation; however, one of the shops i’ve been talking to indicated they change the transmission fuild every 10k miles.

the second opinion was consistent with the first and both work exclusively on volvo and bmw cars. both recommend purchasing a volvo factory rebuilt transmission for ~$3400 +tax and dropping this in. with ~10 hrs of labor and additional parts to get install the transmission the total bill in ~$4300-$4600. this price seems extremely high but then again everything about this car has been $$$ bills. i’ve gone the aamco route on another vehicle and it was a nightmare, and both the shops i who provided estimates are reputable.