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Volvo S80 stuck in park

I suspect it might be the solenoid, which is what another Volvo of mine suffered from-- but I don’t want to have to get the car towed. Is there a way to bypass the solenoid to get the car to shift so I can drive it to the shop? Thank you for any help.

There should be a bypass lever you can press, and that should be detailed in your owners handbook somewhere.

Are the brake lights working when you press the pedal? If not, then there may be a broken switch, relay or blown fuse stopping up the works.

I couldn’t find any bypass lever, but thank you for the suggestion. I will look at the light issue.

Is the little trigger broken by chance? There’s a forum for Volvo owners, and apparently this can allow the internal rod to drop and lock it in park. This is on top of the bypass, so even if you find that, it still won’t move.

Some cars have a small plug in the console that can be removed and put a small sharp instrument in the hole and press which will unlock the shifter.