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Volvo gear shift locked in park

Two weeks ago, after starting the car I was unable to shift out of park. The problem appeared temporary but now is persistant. Knowing Volvos attention to safety, I was concerned this could be a safety issue. The car saying “don’t drive me”. The service light has been coming on briefly but I thought it was because it is due for service.

My question: Is there a safety feature which may be in place … locking my gear shift in park? The gear shift override clearly works but is there a safety issue I should be aware of and therefore avoid driving the car and have it towed for service?

try wiggling the steering wheel?

tried that. stepped hard on break before and after starting.
thanks tho

Make sure that the brake lights are coming on when you step on the brake. The transmission shift lock mechanism uses the same voltage to release the lock.

Otherwise it is probably a problem in the shift lock/unlock mechanism.

Hope that helps.

There is a solenoid someplace close to the gear shifter that locks the stick in place until you press on the brake. I have seen many of these mechanism fail do to wear and have had to temporarily remove them until a new can be puchacased. The center console will have to be removed in order to access this part.

When I stepped on the brakes & the lights did come on - boy, you guys are good. I have been all over the internet and the feed back I have gotten here is fabulous! Thanks