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Volvo s40 Stuck in reverse

07 Volvo s40. I pulled into the driveway the other day and put it in park, but the car thinks its in reverse and the stick won’t move from park. Since it was in reverse we put the parking brake and cut the battery because I couldn’t turn the key and turn it off, but now I also can’t turn it on or move the shifter or anything. Is this fixable? Or should I just get rid of the car?

Have it towed to a repair shop. It may be a problem with the shift linkage or the transmission. You won’t know until a mechanic looks at it. If you have a shop you use regularly, get it towed there. Your auto insurance might have a breakdown rider that will pay for the tow.

Of course it is fixable.
My best guess is that there is a problem with the shift linkage, but you will have to get the car towed to a reputable mechanic for a sure diagnosis and repair.

Many of the veterans of this forum–including me–advise getting rid of a Volvo after the warranty expires. These cars are very expensive to repair, and after 12 years, it is inevitable that there will be repair issues.