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Volvo s40 needs rear wheel bearings...can shedrive it?

My girlfriend has a 2005 s40 which has been making a noise I am guessing is a rear wheel bearing. She has plans to come visit me this weekend. Can she safely drive the roughly 150 miles? She can get repairs here. Also, how much should the repair cost?

It depends on your definition of safe, Best thing is to get it checked and let a mechanic give her that opinion.

If she could bring it in, she could get it fixed, or at the very least looked at. Her mechanic doesn’t have any appointment times. She has been driving it around town the last couple of weeks.

I would drive to her and help her limp that thing to a garage. Or even better, hire a tow truck. People die driving defective vehicles.

Very rarely do 4 year old cars need wheel bearings. You are just guessing as to what the problem is. I would identify what the noise REALLY is before I drove it a block…

Based on my experience, no problem. I drove one of my cars about 9,000 miles after a front wheel bearing started making noise. By the time I fixed it, the noise was pretty awesome. It was my back-up vehicle and the weather was too hot to work on it.

Do these vehicles have rear wheel drive? I’m thinking a fault in the differential.

IF the noise IS coming from the rear.

Thanks all for the help. She had it fixed. The noise had gotten really bad. Yes, it was the rear wheel bearing. Apparently, Volvos have problems with wheel bearings. I saw alot of posts on the net from all models with similar problems.

Thanks again for all the suggestions.