Volvo 2005 sudden front wheel barring failure

Ok is it possible that a wheel barring could have been effected by over lubricating the barring of our 2005 Volvo S60. It wasn’t making a noise from the left front wheel when the job was done, but when I left the shop I started to hear a noise that intensified when I turned left then continues at about the same pitch as I drove strait down the road. How dangerous is this. We haven’t taken the car in to verify my concern.

I’m not sure how it could be over lubricated, since most modern cars have gone to a permanently lubricated (sealed) bearing and hub assembly. I would say that the bearing is failing and should be replaced ASAP. Does the noise sound like it is coming from the left front or right front? What does it sound like? A squeal or a growl?

Back up and tell the whole story. Include the vehicle’s mileage, and everything & anything that had the wheel bearings involved. (It is “bearing” btw).

You can’t overlubricate a wheel bearing. Many bearings can’t be lubricated at all because they are sealed inside of a hub. For those that can be serviced you can underlubricate them, lube them with the wrong stuff, fail to install them properly etc.

But you can’t get good info here without telling the whole story.

Bad wheel bearings are dangerous.

And, I can attest to the fact that Volvo uses a sealed bearing pack for their front wheel bearings. There is no service for the front bearings. You drive them until they fail and then replace the entire sealed bearing pack as a unit.

yea, a wheel bearing can fail suddenly. No, the wheel bearings on a Volvo can’t be lubricated. Not sure what was “lubricated” but whatever it was the bearing failure is unrelated.