Clicking noise from rear wheel area

2005 volvo s40. I have what sounds like a clicking/ticking noise that seems to be coming from the driver side rear wheel. The faster i accelerate the more rapid the ticking becomes. However when i brake the noise goes away for the entire time im braking. Any ideas what could be causing this noise?

Disc brakes all around, right? Might be the brake pad alert noise. There’s a gadget on the brakes, a safety feature, that makes a noise if the pads are wearing thin. It might just be starting to touch. If that’s the problem, the noise will grow considerably louder as the pads continue to wear.

Jack the suspect wheel off the ground…Grip the tire and see if you can detect looseness in the wheel bearing by trying to wiggle the tire back and forth…If the parking brake works on the rear axle, it must be released. Chock the other rear wheel so the car can’t roll while you have it jacked up…If the bearing feels good, remove the tire and inspect the brake pads as George suggested…