The grumbling car

I love my volvo. It has 260,000 mi on it, but it seems like it is shaking apart! While driving, i hear a “vuum vuuum vuuum” that feels like waves of the engine. I had the bearings replaced, since it gets quicker as I go faster, but this did not seem to help. Any suggestions? I am a college student and can not afford to have my car die on me.

Have your tires checked, soon! One could be failing. A good indie shop will be able to tell you what is wrong.

I did that too. Took it to a tire place, had new Michelins put on.

Which bearings were replaced? Are you talking the main bearing in the engine, or the wheel bearings? Did you check the carrier bearing on the driveshaft? How about the rear axle bearings? Please elaborate on which bearings were replaced.

Wheel bearings. Should have caught that. Whoops!

Could be worn out cv joints, have them checked.