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Volvo electric door locks stuck

I was washing and waxing my daughter’s car. A surprise when she was away for a few days. I thoughtlessly closed the driver side doors with my hip (the locks were down). I panicked for a minute as the key was in the ignition but realised the front passenger door was open. I went around and pulled up the buttons and went around and opened the door. Seemed ok, but then the locks flipped and would not allow the doors to close. I worked the buttons and the switches to no avail. Any ideas?

Did you try pulling on the outside door lever while opening the electric locks?

Did you try locking and unlocking the driver’s side with the key several times? That seemed to fixed the problems I had after doing something similar

Central locking system problems can be maddening.

If locking and unlocking the driver door with the master key does not help, the next thing I would try would be to disconnect the battery, then cycle all doors with the buttons and close the doors unlocked. Leave the battery disconnected for a few minutes before reconnecting it. Depending on the year of your car, you may need the radio code to get the radio going again after disconnecting the battery. If you don’t have the radio code, pull the fuse(s) for the door locks and try it.