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2000 Volvo s80 Not Locking/Unlocking with Key Blade in door

_emphasized text_Hi,

I am currently unable to lock or unlock my car when I try turning the key blade in the door. It doesn’t want to lock or unlock! In addition, the dome light, sunroof, and master key button (on driver door) stopped working as well. Power windows on the same panel work just fine.

This happened suddenly. When closing the driver side back door, it didn’t close completely. When I tried to open it again so I could close it tighter, the door had locked, then the alarm went off. I went to unlock the driver door so I could turn alarm off, and that was when the problems mentioned above began.

The spare key doesnt work either. The fuses look fine, but maybe there is another fuse box under the hood?
I was able to get into the vehicle through the trunk with the key. Note: I don’t have a remote, just a blade.

Any quick solutions I can try? Your advice would be greatly appeciated since I live in New Orleans and leaving my car unlocked at night is not a great idea.


Are you still able to turn the key? If it does turn but still does not unlock. Then I feel it’s possible that the metal linkage that goes to the door lock that holds the door closed is no longer connected. There are a couple of plugs behind the door panel so the lights and things could have become disconnected while the window switches are still connected. When sitting in the car and using the lock button do all the doors work? There is a lot of factors to still consider.

I think about coincidences. Take a look at the drivers side back door, not sure of the electronics but if there are electronic contacts make sure they are clean and check the whole door is clear, not the same car but something getting in the way of a door closing completely can cause issues. If there are buttons work them manually and see if they perform as expected. Good luck!

I don’t have an answer to your question, but… it’s quiet an accomplishment to crawl into the car through that little trunk (pass-through). You deserve a medal.