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'75 Volvo 164E and key can't go into driver side door

The lock on the driver side door won’t let the key go in. Clearly something has gone wrong inside the lock.

What are my options to get this thing fixed? Is this something that locksmiths take care of?

I’m guessing that this is way out of my rudimentary repair skills league.

Thanks for any advice you can give.

Maybe there is a stub of a key broken off inside. Does the little spring loaded plate that keeps water out move aside when you push the key in? If not, try a very small squirt of WD40. And try to push it aside with a knife blade. Look at the keyhole on the other door to see how one works properly.

Over time the cylinders simply wear out. The easiest and quickest fix is to swap the drivers side and passengers side cylinders. The passenger side cylinder rarely sees a key on most vehicles, so it should have some life left.

I’m guessing the lock just grenaded itself, that or someone vandalized it but I find that hard to believe to be honest.

Is it simple enough to move the passenger lock to the driver side? My fear is that I’ll render both locks unusable and get locked out entirely! Also if the passenger one fails then I’m in a real pickle getting into the car.

Thanks for the help guys.