Voice Recognition?

I realize that it has taken me 8 years to ask this, but is there any adjustment I can make to get my vehicle to understand my verbal responses. When using the voice commands, for example “Read Message” when I get a text notification, my vehicle does not “hear” me when I say this. I’ve tried using a different tone of voice, yelling into the microphone, etc.

After listening to the option menu repeat itself a few times, I an screaming to no avail. And then sometimes it works fine (of course, especially when I am at the dealer’s). Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Have you checked to see if you have the latest version of the software? You can download it on thumb drive then upload it.

Have not checked that. good idea. tx

You’ll get better results by locating the input microphone so it is near your mouth. You’ve probably seen photo’s of telephone operators with their headset and microphone on a gadget that places it right in front of their lips. That arrangement helps mitigate other sounds in the environment from interfering with the speech recognition software. Not saying it would be a comfortable way to drive though.

My recommendation, unless you have plenty of spare time and just want to see if you can do it, is to just give up on this idea, isn’t practical.

I have voice recognition in my 2013 Mustang. I always speak a little louder when I engage it. There is no “adjustment” so it just works or it doesn’t.

Some accents are not well suited to voice recognition, sorry.

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The microphone is in the ceiling located by the rear view mirror in the overhead “console” for lack of a better term. Moving it would be beyond my ability. Maybe future models will put it in the steering wheel.

my remnant TX accent? I thought I had lost that after living in CO for 40+ years. LOL

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Yep grits are a southern staple. :grinning:

Have you tried any experiments to determine possible causes? Are you sure, you are saying the correct phrase? Have you asked a passenger to say the phrase? Have you eliminated all ambient noise (testing while parked, all the windows rolled up, no other conversations (like the kids fighting…), is the radio, disk player, etc… turned down, and finally are you sure the voice prompts are enabled in your system?

So that my Garmin GPS and phone system plays nicely, I changed the Garmin activation phrase to “Hi-Ho-Silver Away” and my passengers get a real kick out of me saying that out of the blue to get the Garmin to activate the phone… My Honda Fit and Toyota Corolla will do that on their own but I like playing around… Tally-Ho…

Yes yes and yes. Pressing the media button on the steering wheel prompts with “Please say a command” I will respond “Read Message”. A few moments of silence and the system will list ALL available commands, “Read Message” is first on the list, and continues to identify a dozen, or what seems like that many, other commands (annoyingly), so yes I am saying the proper command,

Windows are up, no other conversations, radio off, and voice commands are enabled as sometimes, they actually work. I have not tried asking a passenger to say the command as most of the time I don’t have a passenger (or it is the “passenger” who is texting me from somewhere else).

I will try this however, but even if it recognizes her voice every time, that won’t actually do me any good unless I take her with me every time I leave the house, which I am sure she might have her own voice command response to such a request…

Don’t really know if this applies. But many voice to text or voice recognition things have a voice training feature which teaches the device what your voice and words sound like. Maybe try looking in your manual or in the settings for a voice training function. If there is none, I would guess that you may have a bad or obstructed mic, or maybe even a bad head unit.

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One of the other members suggested your speech pattern…

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