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2017 Honda Ridgeline #1546793016

How do I turn off the voice portal?
I do not own a smartphone or any connection device. I thought I turned off everything I could but the voice portal keeps popping up asking for commands. It is making me crazy!!!

Read your owners manual. All will be revealed. Failing that, go to your dealer and ask them this question.


That is unusual. I tested the '17 Ridgeline and it never asked me for any commands. Could you be accidentally tapping the button that initiates the voice commands? When you do that it then will say something like “Say a command.” I accidentally tap that in cars sometimes. If it is not that, maybe there is a glitch worth having the dealer look into. Here is an image of the button you want to avoid. It is on the steering wheel and it is easy to accidentally


I payed close attention to my hand positioning. I thought I read that the air from the vents if pointing to the ceiling could activate it, so I have them facing down ward and voice command is still popping on…I swear it is occurring after road bumps too! Do you know where this sensor is located?

Either the button is stuck or has a short.

The other day at work the shift button on my PC was stuck and was making a mess of my typing. I figured it out fast but was still baffled for a few seconds.