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2018 Subaru Forester - Are you hearing me?

after using my new forester radio using voice commands, for 5 weeks,… it started reading them wrong. I would ask for satelite radio, after repeating it back to me, it would give me FM radio, or try to give me my bluetooth connected phone (which I’ve used since the beginning

You’re under warranty! Take it back to the dealership and get them to fix it!


Maybe it can be re-programmed to use different commands that are easier for it to understand with your vocal characteristics. You know that Alexis computer thing that folks ask questions. I’ve never seen one myself, but hear about it all the time. The engineers undoubtedly chose “Alexis” b/c it is an unusual sounding word, and easily differentiated from other words like “Allen” or “Olivia”, partly b/c of the “x”. So maybe you can change the command words it is expecting. This wouldn’t explain why it worked for 5 weeks though. Any kind of audio noise will tend to confuse it, like traffic, wind, AC blower, radio playing, people in the car talking, etc. Make sure all the windows are fully seated in the closed position. Any gap at all can produce wind noise.

I have my 2012 Altima story to share on the similar issue.

Right after purchase, radio unit would loose connection with my Bluetooth phones every few minutes when actively talking, it was quite annoying, so I went to dealer for repairs.

They reprogrammed unit with “the latest firmware” and that particular problem was gone, but recognizing entries in phone-book did not ever work as good as it worked with the firsmare which was dropping calls all the time. Voice menu system also changed a little bit and at first I found it annoying too, as it required more confirmations and such.

Dealer insisted it is no more updates available, so I decided to settle for something working reliably, although not as feature-rich as the first take I had.

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