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Voice Recognition for Toyota Highlander

I just bought a 2009 Toyota Highlander Limited Hybrid. Love it BUT cannot make the voice recognition part work. Bluetooth works for receiving calls so know the mic works. Tried in and out of Map/Nav system. I’m about ready to take the car back! Manuals are worthless as far as I can tell…lots of pics but not on this. HELP!!!

Turn to the page in the manual for The Toyota Experience, or whatever they were calling Toyota’s customer service department in 2009. Give them a call, and they can probably talk you through your problem situation.

Take it back.

Try here.

My wife and I have lots of issues with voice commanding everything from phones to cars. Here’s what I’ve found - this may or may not prove useful to you…ignore or use as you see fit:

My wife’s voice is far more lively than mine. I’ve found that if I speak very clear, in a monotone, and with a steady cadence, it works far better.


Try, as chase said, to speak to the machine… like a machine.
“voice recognition” often doesn’t recognize some heavy accents of english like a heavy southern drawl, east Indian, thick mexican/spanish etc.
Too many words too close together also is confusing to the machine.

If not, call the help line.
Even if that one isn’t the one for your issues they’ll tell you the next step.

they were no help. good idea though. thanks

that is exactly what I did! feel much better now

we went to another dealer and sat in brand new car…voice recognition worked perfectly…it was just that car I think! can you spell LEMON?

help line was no help. at one point my husband and i are sitting in the car with the telephone and pushing buttons and turning knobs as we are being told to do by the help guy and verifying the mic was working (it was and had been) and the guy still doesn’t have an answer…DONE!

I will check it out before i decide what car to try next. thanks

Maybe not. Have you brought yours to a dealer yet, and told them it’s not worked properly from day one? Well, from the day you bought it, anyway?

The computer may just need an update. The voice recognition system was new to the highlander that year.