Do you name your car's electronic "voice"?

One of my friends named their GPS navigator voice “Slow Ride Sally”. A magazine writer says he calls his “Dashboard bitch”! , b/c sometimes she in unhelpful and annoying … lol … Do you folks have a name for your GPS’s voice? Is it always a women’s voice? It seems like a man’s voice would be easier to hear.

The GPS on my Subaru gave me the choice of a man’s voice or a woman’s voice, and it also gave the option of choosing a US accent or a British accent. Surprisingly, the Lexus doesn’t give me that option.

Yeah I call mine Karen, then sometimes other names under my breath. Seems to me I read somewhere you could change it to a guy. But then like the phone company, there is only one person that records all this stuff, sometimes in greater degrees of scolding. I try to tell her I’m not going that way but she doesn’t listen as usual. Never drove into the river following my directions.

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I tell it to shuddUp already :grinning:


Still use garmin as update for toyota GPS is pricey. Really want Shawn Connery voice, I have maybe a dozen voices availaible, but want to hear Shawn Connery “You;ve missed your turn, You idiot”

Dead men tell no tales.

Robin WIlliams in one of his comedy albums said the same thing, more of a generic scotsman but a little more colorful language.

Only if you’ve been married for some time and learned how to tune certain things out :grinning:


If it really sounds like Sean Connery, it would sound like…
You’ve MISHED your turn.

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Robot lady but that’s really my wife’s car using her iPhone. I only owe the name when my wife is driving and she diverges from robot lady’s instructions. I tease her that robot lady will be unhappy wither her impertinence.

Heh heh. My wife likes to follow along on her phone. So I’ve got the nav system, her phone, and sometimes her directing me. Talk about back seat driving. I often say I don’t know if it’s you, the phone, or the nav system instructing me. How I ever made a million miles driving alone with a map is a mystery.