I know exactly what you mean,at times I follow the lead presented by Tom and Ray when responding.

Can’t you tell a joke when you see one? :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree! I don’t have a cell phone, so I don’t have any personal ax to grind, BUT what if the person whos cell phone was jammed was calling for medical help, or the cops, or some other emergency call?


Yep, that’s why I believe Al Gore when he said he invented the internet. It’s gotta be true cuz I read it on my computer :slight_smile:

Yes the show is filled with them but remember that this is not the show. This is an entirely different entity and this forum and the show stand alone from each other, it’s like apples and oranges. People do understand barbed humor when used appropriately.

Jammers don’t need to be on continuously. I needed one the other day when some turkeyneck was driving slowly in the left lane on a busy road. Also, my car was lightly hit by an SUV driven by someone on a cell phone; it happens!

PS, I enjoyed the comments about the Polizi in Germany. I’d like to know more about their noise laws. I saw here on the truthful internet that if your motorcycle is too loud in Germany and the cops stop you for that, you may not proceed down the road until you repair the noise.

Happy Veteran’s Day, Veterans and those who support Veterans.

Yes, there are strict noise laws here in Germany. In a town called Grossen Linden back in 2002, I was pulled over on a Sunday for listening to Ozzy too loud. The Polizei demonstrated that when he stepped three meters from my car, he could still hear it and threatened me with a ticket. But the top was off the Jeep and you can hear me jingle my keys from three meters away, but it wasn’t worth arguing. Funny thing was, he had nothing to say about the guy across the street using a masonry saw to cut bricks at that same moment. I said, “What about that guy?” He looked over his shoulder and replied, “Er ist Deutsch.”

I’m not intimately familiar with motorcycle laws, but am generally familiar with vehicle laws and noise laws. I work in the Army’s Trial Defense Service office and do a fair amount of research into German law. My materials are back at the office, so I’m shooting from the hip, but here’s what I recall off the cuff. Yes, if your vehicle has a defect, they’ll forbid you from moving it. Whenever you register a vehicle, it has to be thoroughly inspected or it won’t pass and thus won’t earn plates. Perhaps there’s a decimeter there in the inspection shop. After market pipes can be no louder than factory pipes. My Jeep once failed because the steps - the FACTORY option steps - extended 1" past the fender flares. Never mind the mirrors extended way past the steps. I guess they were worried that I might clip a jogger kneeling to tie his shoes. But traffic laws and inspection laws are very strict. You don’t see too many hoopties here. Of course, it’s all about enforcement. You still see people blasting their music and gunning their Harleys and talking on cell phones for that matter. But I also see a lot of Soldiers walking and riding bikes because they lost their licenses or their vehicle was impounded.

Oh… so they only harass and ticket the Americans, and let the Natives make as much noise as they want… Yea seems fair…
I’m sure you understood what the cop was telling you about the brick mason (er ist Deutsch) “he is German”, yeah so he gets away with it.
Time to pull the American troops out and let them set up their own missile defense system…

Deutsch polizei essen scheist betont sterben…ha ha ha ha ha ha

Well, to be fair, there WAS just cause to pull me over. I did have it cranked and not everyone appreciates the Price of Darkness, especially on a sunny Sunday afternoon in a residential neighborhood. Good ol’ boy networks aren’t just in Germany. It’s the same in the States if you have out of state plates. Sport foreign plates in any country and you get more attention than locals. Heck, two friends and I took a trip to Puerto Vallarta and were shaken down for all our money AND they took our entire case of CD’s because they thought some of them were bootlegged. (Actually, they were all CD’s we’d brought with us from Colorado. We hadn’t bought any from the local vendors.) Further, in Germany you can tell where a person registered his vehicle based on the first two letters of their plates and vehicles registered on military installations also have a unique two-letter prefix. They’re slowly changing that though so that we’ll blend in better, but there are lots of grandfathered plates still out there. It’s much easier to cite foreigners and out-of-towners than locals. Most people won’t go back to fight a 120 euro fine and most American servicemembers in Germany can’t or won’t take time off of work and training to go to court, especially when one factors in the language and culture barrier.

I forgot about that. I never go to the movie theater anymore anyways. By the time you’ve bought 2 tickets and some food/drink, you’ve paid for the DVD when it comes out. Someone is obnoxious in the movies, or you gotta go to the bathroom, there’s no pausing the movie and continuing where you left off.
Most people have big screen TVs and surround sound, etc, so it doesn’t make much sense to go pay $10 per person to see it when you can rent the DVD/BRD for less than $5 a night.

Hear! Hear! I invested in a home theater just for that reason. Plus, I rather enjoy seeing the extra features, the making of, deleted scenes, etc. Also, it’s hard to get your money back if you walk out of a movie early. I don’t know if they still do it, but when I lived in Colorado Springs, Hollywood Video had a 1-hour policy. If you bring back a movie within one hour of renting it, you can exchange it or get credit for another. Not a bad deal if you try for “Sahara” with Bogart and you mistakenly end up with “Sahara” with McConaughey.

I would suggest, along the lines of smoker-friendly restaurants and bars, non-cell phone friendly restaurants and bars. If you can’t part with your phone for half an hour, in the manner of member of the bomb-squad or perhaps someone who talks down stricken airliners for a living, then dine elsewhere.

I once went to the movies in Copenhagen. Twice cell phones rang, and both times the owners were hissed at and eventually ushered out of the theater and shown to the exit. Frankly, all the fuss was more of a distraction than the actual phone. But that person probably won’t make the same mistake again.

while I don’t have a big screen tv or surround sound, I do subscribe to Blockbuster online. You rent X number of movies at a time, when you watch them, you can send them back, or exchange them in-store for free movie rentals(used to, not sure if they still do or not)

Yeah, I use Netflix. They don’t have the selection or in-store return policy that Blockbuster has, but Blockbuster won’t mail to an APO box.

The HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA at the end of azmiths post was a pretty solid indication that he wasn’t slamming anybody. Waaaaay more obvious than a —> :slight_smile:
I thought it was rather humorous.

I interpreted the HAHAHA to be more of an indication of someone who is…a bit too extroverted for his own good.

Quien sabe?

Oh, sure. Everything on the internet is TRUE. 'Scuse me, I’m going back to reading the Flat Earth Society web page.

I simply don’t prefer emoticons in the same manner I don’t prefer to use instant message slang such as, brb, lmao, gr8, et cetera. I have a particular aversion to them since I once heard someone say, OUTLOUD in a conversation, “Can you believe that? OMG.” He SAID, “Oh em gee.” Since then, I’ve made a conscious effort to avoid such colloquialisms in all exchanges, spoken, written or typed.

Quien sabe?
ich alleswisser nicht unbetont but there is a post @ --> “At 105 mph, 2008 Expedition loses power” and on there a poster called the original poster an “idiot” and “deranged” in a “serious” manner. Nobody made an issue out of that. Thats what I don’t get. There is no consistancy. Are there cliques here? Some can say what they want, but others get called for their humor? If you can’t spread a little humor, then this place must get pretty boreing.

Portions of this post were edited & deleted. It was deemed too serious, and actually made a point.
Tom & Ray

FLAT EARTH SOCIETY?? WELL FINALLY somebody agrees with me. I knew ol Chris Columbo had it WRONG!