Crazy nitwit in a Cadillac

On the highway recently in Maryland, I came across someone in an old, pimped-out ghetto Cadillac veering back and forth across the road with headlights off (yes, at night) and four way flashers on. This guy was quite literally all over the road - I wish I could show you a videotape. He went from one shoulder to the other VERY erratically. I stomped on the throttle hard when he was fumbling along one of the shoulders and got him behind me before his brainless “driving” could get us both killed.

So…what’s up? Mechanical failure, too much Old Crow for the driver, or both?

Most likely, the driver was intoxicated. When you observe something like this, you should use your cell phone to report it to the State Police. Doing that has the potential to save some lives.

Not trying to be too much of a schmuck here but…isn’t using a cell phone whilst driving just as dangerous as a DUI? Taking one risk to report another risk sounds like a karmic washout…and that’s at best.

Definitely call 911 and report it. There’s an excellent chance you’ll be saving a life.

You’re joking, right? Or perhaps too quick to react?
You cannot honestly be putting the use of the cellphone to call 911 and report this extremely dangerous situation in the same category as the situation itself.

Absolutely not, DUI is far more dangerous to yourself and other drivers than calling 911 on the phone. There are a dozen reasons why but the biggest one that comes to mind for me is I can drop the phone and react as needed, when drunk you can’t turn it off and your reaction times are drastically slowed as well as perception being out of whack.

OK, thanks for setting me straight.

I agree with others that you probably should have called 911.

I also question your decision to pass this person because once you do, now you have this crazy/drunk behind you and what happens when you have to stop for a traffic light? Do you want a drunk plowing into the back of your car? If he’s in front of you, you can see what’s going on and avoid any wreck he gets into or causes. Circumstances vary, but it’s something to think about before passing someone like this.

Probably the only time you’ll hear someone say to use your cell phone while you’re driving, and I’ll agree with that too.
I’d rather risk swerving around with a cell phone trying to call the cops and prevent someone getting hurt than letting it go unchecked. Think how bad you’d feel if you turned on the news or read the paper saying that some drunk mowed down a minivan full of kids coming home from a ball game, knowing you could have prevented it…