Now, twice, the Tappet brothers agree with me. First, they see no problem with coasting up to stoplights in neutral, as heard on the 31 October show. Then at the close of the 7 November show, they advocate cell phone jammers as standard equipment on cars. TAKE THAT WHITEY! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!

Just because Tom & Ray Magliozzi agree with you, that does not make you correct, nor does it make them correct. All it indicates is that you and they agree on certain issues.

Have you considered the possibility that both you and they are wrong?

I very very frequently disagree with Tom & Ray - see the threads on their ridiculous take on merging into traffic. They know some things about cars and have a radio show - it doesn’t make them somehow an authoritative source.

Whether you disagree with Tom & Ray or not, slamming a valued contributor to this forum is never acceptable.

Huh ? Are we talking manual or automatic. In a manual, it’s common to shift or disengage the clutch at speeds less than the idle speed at rest. So technically, at lower speeds you coast to a stop whether you’re using an auto or manual and you can’t help it. BTW, many auto repair personnel would advocate using your brakes over engine braking to enhance revenue. Again, I bet auto engineers of automatics are laughing at the ludicrous lengths people go to save a dime on gas at the expense of unnecessary auto transmission manipulation. I don’t get the vindication.

I could give a hoot about the coasting issue,but cell phone jaming is an activity that I would support penalites placed upon the jammer (no you don’t need to spend time in San Quinten over it).

Yeah, after much thought, a jammer for the whole car would be impractical. Whitey makes a great point about passengers using cell phones. Here in Germany, the Polizei search car wrecks for cell phones. If they find one, they look to see if it was on during the accident. If it was, then the driver takes all the blame for the accident. It’s stickier if there are passengers in the car, then it’s up to them to be honest about who was on the phone. Of course, that’s a remedial step AFTER a crash and does little to deter.

Not to much I would not put past the German Polizei,not really a good track record.

What do you guys do to report a drunk driver? we know reporting on each other is big over there, or was that East Germany? ,sorry if I have it wrong

Their methods may seem harsh to us Americans, but crime is also much, much lower here in Germany largely because of a well-founded fear of law enforcement. There are also larger social and cultural reasons, but that’s a subject for another forum.
There’s not much traffic out here in the country, sober or not. In town, I stick mostly to public transportation and cabs. It’s cheaper than parking. So, I have no personal experience on how to report drunk drivers. I do know that there are lots of checkpoints, the Polizei prowl bar, club and train station parking lots and nab a large number of drunk drivers there. Whenever the train rolls in from Nuremberg, there’s always a Polizei there to rustle up anyone who steps off the train and steps into their car.

Yes here in the States we are encouraged to report drunk drivers and we are told not to fear our police, just two different cultures, maybe “people of color” may have a different view point on my saying no need to fear the police.

But back to cell phone jamming, it is an illegal activity,perhaps some dialouge is needed within our legislature to convince people this would be a good idea. I would like to hear the pros and cons.

I’m not sure jammers are a good idea since it would prevent passengers from using cell phones as well. Sure, my first foray into this was as an advocate of cell phone jammers, but that was a pipe dream. People are just people and no matter the penalty or the danger, people are going to break the law and take the risk. Heck, I’ve seen police officers on patrol in non-cell phone states with a phone stuck to their heads.

Do you really worship Tom and Ray so much that you think they speak the gospel on every issue?

That’s sad.

Actually, in part because of your argument, I’m now opposed to cell phone jammers in cars because you made the valid point that they would prevent passengers from using phones. Who could be opposed to that?
It was an attempt at barbed humor. Not everyone seems to appreciate that.

Unpossible. Tom and Ray talk on the radio, which, like the internets, does not allow untrue things.

It was an attempt at barbed humor. Not everyone seems to appreciate that.

You must be careful on this forum concerning barbed humor. Some have selective sense of humors or non at all but the biggest factor is no one can hear voice inflection on this site which is a big indicator of tongue in cheek/barbed humor.

When using “barbed humor”, I think it is a good idea to insert an emoticon, such as

This helps to defuse possible offense.

"When using “barbed humor”, I think it is a good idea to insert an emoticon, such as

This helps to defuse possible offense."

I agree. I was offended and it wasn’t even directed at me. Moe than that, I thought you provided a thoroughly childish post. That thought would have been tempered greatly by the missing emoticon.

I did not even notice the personal nature of the post,caught me by suprise. I am on the Forum everyday and missed this exchange.

Should I use double the number of “emotions” with my posts? :0)

cell phone jammers inside the car is a touchy subject, but I’d be all for putting one in restaurants :stuck_out_tongue:

I had assumed, wrongfully as it turns out, that fans of the show could appreciate barbs and jabs. The show is filled with them, is it not?