RAB made 2 people relieved

We have a lot of people who as one amature Luddite calls them 'Gadgets ’ don’t care for the safety devices on vehicles.

A good friend was backing into a parking spot and he thinks a lady thought he was leaving and pulled into it while he was backing. The Reverse Automatic Braking stopped his car so there was not an accident . The friend is not a poor driver but had just looked to see if a walker noticed him backing.

On a different Forum I responded to a socalled Super Moderator who posted a rant against all of the vehicle safety features . If you don’t like them at least admit they can be benificial to many people.


Did you get unbanned? Saw your message, but can’t open it. I appealed my ban, no answer so far, not sure I even care anymore.

Yes I did . That site really needs to do something about the Moderators . I guess the Administrator thought that someone was beeing too thin skinned.

There are several people on this site who are also too thin skinned and can’t tolerate any criticism


LOL I think several might be an understatement !

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