While running errands this morning

I saw something very funny. I though you’d enjoy it, too.

I pulled up behind an Accord with this bumper sticker:

“Hang Up and Drive”

The driver of that same Accord had a cell phone glued to her ear. We were stopped at the light, so I waited to see what would happen when we moved. She kept talking all the way to the next light, where we stopped again. I turned right; she turned left. She didn’t drive erratically and seemed to have good command of the car, but the bumper sticker and her ear full of cell phone certainly made me laugh.

Maybe she’s the second owner, or daughter/wife of the cars owner.

Certainly possible, and it crossed my mind that she did not own the car. But it’s still funny.

Everybody thinks its only other people that can’t handle the phone and the car at the same time.

This post reminds me that I keep meaning to go into the bumper sticker business. My first one will be “I’ll share the road if you stop driving like an idiot”

good one, cig, but I think it will attract road ragers that will take it all too seriously. I saw one of those this morning, too. He was driving a Boxter and the guy behind him committed a fatal offense. Boxter Boy slammed on his brakes and cut off the guy behind him 3 or 4 times in a couple hundred yards. That one was pathetic. If that Greatest Driver in America came across your sticker, he’s probably go ballistic.

BTW, Porsche is running at least 1 thru 5 in the GT group at Daytona. But there’s almost 22 hours remaining. Not all Porsche drivers are as bad as Boxter Boy. But I’d say the top 5 at Daytona are far, far crazier. But in a good way.

Well, its true jt, what you say about instigation. I actually leave my car free of any and all stickers - for lots of reasons. So I don’t want to use them - just sell them. Perhaps I’ll have to come up with an IIHS warning sticker for the packaging: “Warning: deployment of these bumper stickers may make idiots act more like idiots.”

Here’s two stickers I have on my truck: INSURED BY SMITH & WESSON, and DON’T DIAL 911…USE .357. I also have an older one that reads, USA TERRORIST HUNTING PERMIT / NO BAG LIMIT. :wink:

Grrreeeaat…I feel so much safer on the roadways now.

“I also have an older one that reads, USA TERRORIST HUNTING PERMIT / NO BAG LIMIT”

That’s so…original.
I only see that one about 6 times each and every day.

Hey, VDC, if you see that sticker so often, then I guess you have it on YOUR car. Anyway, I just threw those out there for a laugh; no need for anyone to get uptight. I liked jt’s original post, though; how… ironic.

“Hey, VDC, if you see that sticker so often, then I guess you have it on YOUR car.”

Nope, negatory.

However, I do see several of those stickers each day, and I’m sure that the driver of each of those racked-out pickups also thinks that it is…original…or unique…or even profound.
Negatory on all counts.

“Hang Up and Drive”

She meant hang up the home phone, start driving your car and then talk on your cell.

VDC, I NEVER said any of my stickers’ messages were original, unique, or profound, but I like them because, well, I thought they were good for a laugh or two. Now, if you have a problem with me having a pickup with some stickers, that’s on you. Geez, don’t get your panties up in a wad!

I like the shiny testicles hanging from the trailer hitch.

Bumper stickers can make you smile. The wife of the president of a shoe manufacturing company (when shoes were still mde in the USA) had a bumper sticker on her IMPORTED car that read “Buy American!”

During the nuclear power debate after Three Mile Island, where Ted Kennedy viciously attacked the industry’s safety, a sticker came out reading “More people were killed in Ted Kennedy’s car then at Three Mile Island.”

“Bumper stickers can make you smile.”

My favorite is “Be Strange”. It’s meant to be pasted upside down.

“Armed pitbull with AIDS on board”(yellow diamond sign like the ‘baby on board’ stickers)
“Honk if your horn is broken.”
“I’d rather be driving.”
“When I grow up, I want to be a limo”(my mom had this sticker on one of her old cars)
“I’m driving just as good as you are.”
“Eat more beans, we need the gas.”