Video advertisement prevents scrolling through the posts?

Have to look up addons etc. for ie, I ban it at work, but you might try microsoft tool

Make sure you pick the right 32 or 64 bit version

or even defender offline from M$

For what it’s worth, I asked Doug whether CT was running any video ads. He told me NPR and Car Talk are testing a game ad from Valvoline on the mobile site, but that is the only possible one. They don’t permit any video ads on the regular site.

Thanks @cdaquila … I saw it several times yesterday, but not today. I’ll keep an eye out – easy enough to do as it automatically scrolls the screen and won’t let you scroll elsewhere – and if I see it again I’ll post in this thread where on the screen it appears and what products the advertisements are for. So far it has always appeared in the same place on the page, under the “Topics” section on the right side of this page. Currently there is no vdo there, and where the vdo would be there’s box titled “Related Ad Topics” with 5 topics listed.

I should mention that vdo advertisement are not a problem as far as I’m concerned, as long as they don’t command attention by preventing the user from scrolling the page.

It’s back! Saturday, 4:52 pm Pacific Daylight time. Advertising Watch Mojo, next is a drink of some kind named “NOS”, then some kind of European travel advertisement. I can see it right now as I type, just under the “Topics” box to the right. Continues to have the annoying feature preventing scrolling. Today at least, after a few minutes the scrolling problem seems to go away, even tho the vdo continues to run.

I bet you have some undesirable infestation…

It sounds like nobody else is seeing these vdos, eh? hmm … well, time I guess for me to do a little investigation. Oh no, the software cooties are on the warpath !! … lol …

It’s popping up on me on a somewhat regular basis; a Jaguar video which affects the scroll. Thought it was gotten rid of; apparently not.

@GeorgeSanJose, I think I’m with @texases on this one, based on what Doug told me about the ads we’ve got going now.

@GeorgeSanJose and @ok4450, are you using the mobile version of the site, or the desktop?

Thanks for keeping an eye out. I haven’t seen it, so you’ve got to be my eyes and ears. :smile:

I’m not using the mobile version of the CT website @cdaquilla . At least as far as I can tell, and if I am, not on purpose. I’m using a desktop PC. I could make a screenshot I suppose, but since OK is seeing it too, I don’t think there’s a doubt that scroll-grabbing vdo advertising is appearing on the CT website w/ some user configurations. The only question at this point is why. I’ll keep my Sherlock Holmes deerstalker hat firmly planted on my noggin.

It’s back with a vengeance today. Here’s a screen shot. Once this vdo advertisement appears I can’t scroll the screen away from it to read the posts further down the page. I can scroll using the scroll bar temporarily, but as soon as I let loose of the mouse button the screen pops back to this position. After a few minutes scrolling works again, but then in another couple more minutes the whole routine starts all over again. Very frustrating. Today is the first time I’ve seen ARCO in the mix of advertisements.

Have you run your updated antivirus scan? Updated windows? Run something like CCleaner?

You could try disabling Flash and Java after doing all the above.

I doubt this is a virus. I’m running a virtual browser environment, which means everything is reset to square one each morning; i.e. if a virus somehow got into the browsing environment b/c I visited an infected web site, it would be wiped away the next morning. I think it is more likely this advertisement is being placed here by a third party, possibly one of the internet service providers between here and Car Talk Plaza.

I could disable flash and java but that usually causes more problems than it solves. It’s easier for me to just wait a while, and eventually it seems to go away. I can surf over to some other sites in the meantime.

OMG! Now it just moved to the left side of the screen! It’s alive!!! … lol …

OK, forgive me fellow Car Talk forum members, I’m posting to much about this. I’ll use a work-a-round. Won’t post any more on this topic unless something big breaks.

Quick update. This problem seems to have disappeared. The videos sometimes appear, but since 8.28.15 they don’t take control of the scrolling anymore. Whoever out there in cyber-space is responsible for addressing this, thanks.

@GeorgeSanJose, :wink: