Pop ups on car talk

Is there anyway to stop all the pop ups that appear on the site. There are so many that I can’t read the discussions.

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Use a browser that doesn’t allow them. I use DuckDuckGo. No pop ups at all and it erases your browser history whenever you shut down the app.


Yes, I was hesitant to install DuckDuckGo, but it works great.
Totally eliminated the pop up advertisements.

Or, simply use a pop-up blocker. If you use the Chrome browser, you can easily choose to block pop-ups on any particular site.

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I’m using Firefox with pop-ups disabled, and I never get any pop-ups on this site.

Which adverts are causing the most bother? The ones inserted between the posts, or the vdo advert on the lower right? Since the adverts pay some of the bills here, I’m happy to live with them. But I wish they were set up so once inserted they were static, not blink or change size.

I think I did purchase a Harbor Freight product after seeing the advert here, so they do work to help increase the vender’s sales.

Thanks but I’m actually using duck duck go. This is the only site that popups seem to break through:(

The popups are on the bottom right. Some are static ads and some are videos.

The only thing I see here on the bottom right is a rectangular vdo format. One just popped up right now in fact, for Aflac cancer insurance, oh oh, another one, this time for Chevrolet. My solution is to click on the “X” to dismiss them, and if there is no “X”, to just ignore it. It’s a minor annoyance, true, but probably necessary in order to pay the website’s bills. Like I say above, the adverts that I find intrusive to the forum are the ones that appear in-line between the posts. Not a problem if they stay constant after inserted, but when they change to other in-line adverts, that causes the thread to bounce up and down, making it hard for forum users to scroll through the list of posts.

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Usually a discussion forum should disable advertisements for users who are logged in. Logged in users are content creators who create the content that thousands of other non registered users see when they visit pages through search engine hits. It is these thousands of non registered users who bring in most of the advertising revenue. It is the content creators who are responsible for creating all of the content that bring in these non registered users. Blasting the content creators with advertising turns them away and then there goes the content and then nearly 100% of the advertising revenue goes away too as the search engine visitors stop coming.

I switched to a browser called Brave and now the popups no longer appear. I don’t create any content but I am a subscriber and have a log in account. At least now I can read the entire page without the popups. The popups that followed me around the screen were the worst. Thanks

Hi - I found another browser called Brave. It is preventing the popups. The popups that followed me when I scrolled through the screen were the worst.