2001 Camry Steering Wheel Vibration

Hello everyone. Thanks for taking the time to view my issue. As the title says, my steering wheel vibrates at certain intervals of higher rates of speed, most notable at speeds in excess of 60mph. i have had conrad’s tire service test the car with new tires/new rims, existing tires/new rims and finally they replaced the front axles. still has not solved the problem. has nothing to do with the brakes as it occurs when the brakes are not engaged. dealer road force balanced tires 9/08 and said “put worse 2 tires on rear-lateral runout-excessive. front 80% better-23 to 33lbs with tires that are installed.” zoom forward to now and the work i had done at conrads contradicts the dealer diagnosis as being the tires. conrad’s wants to keep trying to fix and has been very understanding regarding my concerns of running up the bill. can anyone shed some light on what could be the problem and if its wise to take back to dealer and have them focus in on something specific?

Get one known good wheel and tire. Mount it on each of the 4 positions on the car one at a time and road test. I suspect you have either a bad wheel or a bad tire and you need to figure out which one it is. If two wheels (and/or tiree) are defective that makes the source(s) harder to determine.

Thank you for your reply. However, this isn’t the problem as Conrads was gracious enough to already have installed the new tires in the hopes of allowing me to drive on them and see if it corrected the tire.

It still could be a bad rim, or a wheel that is not centering up properly on the hub when mounted.

This is a FWD car and you’ve already had the axles replaced. Wheel bearings are a possible, but the symptoms you describe don’t point to wheel bearings. If it isn’t tires, wheels, and axles; then you are getting into something more significant and rare. Perhaps a bad gear in the transaxle?

Hopefully there are some other ideas out there.

I had the exact same issue with a 1999 Camry. They gave me a new set of tires which didn’t help. I bought alloy wheels of of Ebay (Great price at $40 each) which didn’t help. Finally, I resigned myself to accept that my car would shake between 50 and 55 mph. 60K miles and another set of tire and struts, the car still shakes. I like to think that I am getting a nice massage as I drive, otherwise, I would go nuts…

It could be a bad tie rod, I had a similar issue with a 1989 Honda Accord which new tie rods resolved.

that’s funny. i feel like i’m going crazy trying to explain this. i’m debating on whether to take this to the dealer but just feel like i’d be walking in there with my wallet opened ready for them to steal more money. it’s a shame when you think about it really. all this “ASE” certified bullcrap and they still can’t find the problem. dealer originally said tires. rotated, never cured problem yet i drove all winter knowing i’d get new tires spring/summer and it would be fixed. nope. new tires, etc. and still there.

any thoughts about the issue being tied to a bad wheel hub assembly?