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Very bumpy ride in 2016 Jeep Cherokee with 116000 miles

I just test drove a 2016 6 cylinder Jeep Cherokee Latitude. 116,000 miles. It was at a new/used dealer. It was the roughest ride ever, for me, including a Dodge Power Wagon. Interstate and in town, every thick stripe of tar and change in surface elevation and the thing bounced up and down hard. I doubt this is normal. I know it has shocks because I could see them in the rear wheel well; otherwise, one would wonder. I did not explore beyond this. Not a car I would buy. Also, there was an out of alignment sound from the left rear. This is tow package equipped. Wondering what all could be worn out on this and what it would cost to make it a smooth ride. It was like riding in a wagon. This would not be from exceeding the payload, would it? If so, that would make me wonder about the engine and trans.

It’s certainly possible the shocks/struts could be worn out.

It’s also more likely that if you don’t like something on this particular Jeep, keep on looking. There will be another one.

Good luck.

Too-big wheel and tires can make a vehicle feel like it’s over responding to the road conditions, being tossed about while you worry if you can control it. Does it have the factory original wheels and tire size?

It could have very heavy duty shocks and even stiffer springs installed by a previous owner.

Or it could just ride like this from the factory. These are not known for a smooth ride.

Probably needs shocks at that mileage. I would be aware that in a lot of cases FCA vehicles with the tow package uses NIVOMAT self adjusting rear shocks which can be $2-300 a “piece” . I dont really know what they use on this vehicle though . they have used Nivomats on everything from the minivans to the Durango which has the tow package from the factory .

Could have had the tires inflated to 40psi and inflating the tires to what’s on the door pillar might help a little but could also be worn shocks. These small suv’s tend to ride a little rougher but you’d have to compare it to a Honda CRV among others.

You already decided this car is not for you, don’t get bogged down in the details when you are used car shopping. You are just looking to quickly eliminate a car from consideration. If you try to discover all the problems and possible fixes, your search will be exhausting.

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If it didn’t have shock absorbers, the entire vehicle would have been bouncing up and down almost constantly in an oscillating manner, because the shock absorbers are there to smooth-out the reactions of the springs to bumps and depressions in the road. As others have stated, what you observed could have been the result of oversized tires, or overinflated tires, or aftermarket springs, or–maybe–this is “normal” for that model.

With used vehicles, any doubt that you might have about one should cause you to move on to another vehicle.

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Someone drives a used vehicle and finds all kinds of things they don’t like . They are not going to buy it so why would they even care what caused the poor ride . That answer surely won’t be found on the web by people who can’t drive or see the vehicle .


The OP might wonder if that make and model is just like that, or if the problem is not so general.

For example, I had a 1979 Toyota pickup and was looking for a newer used one. I drove one that had oversized wheels and tires on it. It was a harrowing experience on the highway. I concluded the problem was not generic to all Toyota pickups, but a consequence of the wheels/tires the owner had installed.

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I find some of the “improvements” made by car owners to be… let’s just say… questionable.

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I had a rental Cherokee from this year, and the tide wasn’t harsh. This is a somewhat subjective evaluation, but I suspect that there is something wrong with the suspension to make this happen.

Yes, and wheels/tires are so obvious. You have to look closer to see the questionable aftermarket audio stuff. But once I see the ridiculous wheels/tires I am done looking at that car.

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If the price is right and you know what’s wrong, a car can be a deal even if it does ride like a haywagon. The OP asked a question that made me think that was what was going on.

Yes wentwest. This is what I have in mind.