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It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand

My 1998 Jeep Cherokee rolled over 167,000 miles tonight, as I parked it. I have a lot of faith in that car, and it has never let me down. Just thought it was worth sharing a happy message about a car, there is so much negativity in the car world.

I understand.

The wife drives a 1990 Jeep Cherokee. The thing has 189,000 miles on it. Other than normal maintanence and the abuse she’s subjected it to that I’ve had to fix, it’s been a damn good vehicle.

Right now it’s at the dealer to have the ABS system replaced. Third time since she’s owned it. And each time it’s been replaced for free because of the life-time warranty on the ABS system on this year of Jeep. So other than that, I can’t complain too much about the vehicle.


Those Cherokees have been on the top of my list for many years. I bought the first in 1990 and junked it with 290,000 miles when the transmission failed. Since then I have owned several. And for a vehicle that large they all averaged over 17 mpg and could get over 23 mpg on the highway. All were 4.0L, some 4x4 and some not. If I found one that suited me tomorrow I would buy it.

I’ve considered getting a Jeep Cherokee, but I think I would be happier and more comfortable with a street legal dune buggy with a low center of gravity, especially on the highway on long trips.

Jeeps are very popular around here and get a lot of abuse due to the climate and dust. The son of the elderly lady across the street from me has been using a Jeep Liberty as a rural mail carrier for about 3 years now. Those routes are very tough on vehicles and he said the Jeep has never let him down yet.

If my Jeep “rolled over” I’d be embarassed to tell anyone.

Kidding, of course.

Just out of curiosity, does your Jeep have the 4.0 six-cylinder?

Hehe. A couple years ago, the lady across the street was having a tree removed; the people she had hired had medium-duty Ford that they were using to haul the wood-chip remnants of the tree unfortunately the F-650 got stuck in the back yard, one of the tree removal guys hopped into his circa 1995 Grand Cherokee (complete with) “It’s a Jeep thing, you wouldn’t understand” decal affixed to the windshield, and said not to worry that he’s got this one, and will pull the truck out and onto the driveway. They bust out the tow straps and chain and give it a go. The Cherokee pulls with all its might, and then there’s an audible pop, followed by some strange noises, they unhook the Jeep and it won’t move. The transfer case broke. I offered to pull out the stuck Ford with my Bronco, so we push the jeep out of the way, Jeep guy is says that if his Jeep could pull the F-650 out then there was no way in hell my Bronco could either. Nevertheless we hook up the Bronco, I put it 4-Lo and without much drama the F-650 is pulled out of the hole it had dug itself in. Smugly, I get out of the Bronco look over at the Jeep and ask if blowing out a transfer case is a “Jeep thing”. Jeep guy just said “whatever” and got on his phone in efforts to get a tow truck.

How very irrelevant. Thanks for sharing.

I guess it’s a BRONCO THING.

I love these stories, and I think this one was quite relevant.

I guess it’s a BRONCO THING.

…and JEEPHEAP doesn’t understand. Heh heh!

This story was a lot more entertaining and relevant than the original post, which was pretty irrelevant to begin with. “I love my Jeep” is a lot less interesting than “Here’s a funny Jeep story I think you’ll enjoy.”

Does anyone else have any good Jeep stories they would like to share?

On a very basic level, GRAND cherokees are irrelevant, I am talking about Cherokees. Also, I was attempting to provide a positive story, so nay saying, smugness, and snide remarks are irrelevant.

Who died and made you the decider of all that is relevant and irrelevant? Ironically, I think your efforts to go around putting the “irrelevant” label on other people’s posts is completely irrelevant, but thanks for sharing.

“so nay saying, smugness, and snide remarks are irrelevant.”

Nay saying, smugness, and snide remarks are the heart and soul of this forum.

Jeepheap, I think you will find your efforts to govern what others say in this forum are useless. It isn’t your forum.

Agreed, what did I expect?! I should have known better.

Dear Hank Hill (heh,heh),
Use merriam-webster to look up the definition of relevant. I should have known better that to use 50 cent words in this 2 cent forum. :slight_smile:

Seriously though, I was just trying start a positive conversation.

Cherokee and Grand Cherokee share much of the same hardware. The Grand has a longer wheelbase. Other than that, there is little difference. There is no reason to get uptight about someone sharing a story about watching someone else’s vehicle break and finishing the job with their own vehicle. I don’t even think FoDaddy was knocking the big Ford for getting stuck in the mud, or the Jeep for having a transfer case failure. I had one in the shop once that had its transfer case break on me while I was test driving it (they were in for driveline noise). It could be a relatively common problem for that era.

There are a lot of happy Jeep owners out there, particularly owners of Cherokee/Grand Cherokees. At 167,000 miles, yours should be just getting broken in. I have seen quite a few of them in the 300,000-400,000 range, and one RHD postal Cherokee with over 700,000 miles worth of postal routes on it, and none of the drivetrain parts had ever been apart. Even the valve cover had never been off the 4.0L six banger. Enjoy your Jeep, relax, and try not to be so easily offended.

I think many of us enjoy nay saying, smugness, snide remarks, and even irrelevance, to a certain degree. Especially irrelevance. How often do we get off the original topic of a post and end up with 70 comments, 65 of which have nothing to do with the original post? One person’s irrelevance can be another person’s entertainment, debate, educational opportunity, or rant/rave session. I say, learn to enjoy it.

Jeepheap, if you were to follow your own advice and open a dictionary, you would discover there is more than one definition of “relevant.” For example:

From the World English Dictionary:

relevant (?r?l?v?nt)
? adj

  1. having direct bearing on the matter in hand; pertinent
  2. linguistics another word for distinctive

(I added the emphasis.)