2008 Mercury Grand Marquis - rough ride after new shocks/struts

I took it to a company who said they could put new shocks and struts on for about 875.00. When I drove it home, I stopped and called the company - my ride was not changed - still very rough. He said to let some air out of the tires. Still rides rough. Took it to a local mechanic and he drove it and said it rides fine and I am expecting too much. What can be done - if anything - to make my car ride more like it did when it was newer. It started getting rough around 70K and progressively got worse.

More information is needed. What brand/model of shocks and struts were installed? How many miles are on the car now? When was the last time you replaced the tires?

Yep, worn tires can make the ride noisier/rougher. Might the rough ride have started at the last tire replacement? And what is the pressure in your tires? Does it match the number on the door jamb sticker, like it should, and not the number on the tire.

If you changed tires around 70k and the rough ride started then… the cause of the bad ride is your tires. Change to a brand better known for ride like Michelin. Too expensive? Too bad, you get what you pay for.

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I don’t know the brand - after-market NOT Ford replacement parts. (I never thought about the brand when I took it to this place.) About 2,000 miles since the struts and shocks were replaced - maybe a little less since it is less than 6 months ago. Last tires are Michelin 90K mile tires probably 4 years old. Only have about 20 K on them since I drive this car about 5,000 miles per year. Rotated when the oil is changed at about 5K between changes. I like this Grand Marquis better than my new Ford.


The tires are Michelin rated 90K mile - replaced about 4 years ago. Rode good then. I only put about 5,000 miles on the car annually so maybe have 20,000 miles on them. Checked and rotated with oil changes. The tires are carrying about 32 lbs which is lower than recommended (for a softer ride it does help.) Sorry - I don’t think it is the tires, but I am the one asking for help. Certainly something to think about. Thanks.

While it might be - I don’t think the problem is with my Michelin tires rated for 90K miles. Rough ride started well after the tires were replaced. I put the best tires on the car I could at the time because I plan to drive this Grand Marquis until it won’t run any more. I was just the last year when the car started riding rough - the tires are on the car longer than that. Thanks!