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2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Bumpy ride

car just riding bumpy and it is getting worst. took it to dealership and they said nothing is wrong. It is getting worst and worst to the point that I cannot take the bumps any more.

Jeep with a bumpy ride ? Dealer is right that’s normal.

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Are you sure IT is getting worse? Or maybe you have a medical condition that makes it feel worse to you?

If it is the SUV, a new set of shocks may help as may a more comfortable riding set of tires.

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Are you being serious. My vehicle have 19,250 miles on it.

I am being absolutely serious. And you never told us the mileage on this 5 year old Jeep until this last post.

You also did not tell us if you’ve checked the tire pressure. I assume the dealer did, but maybe not. Too much tire pressure hurts the ride.

It is either the Jeep… not known for its high quality… or it is you becoming more sensitive due to some condition you have.

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Have you changed the tires recently? What’s your current tire pressure?

Well since it is getting worse then it might be replace the vehicle time . Does anyone else notice this problem besides you ?

Does this vehicle have air suspension ?

Sometimes a familiar stretch of road can develop potholes, bumps and heaves almost overnight.

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And the cold may make a difference, had to go out today, maybe 0 degrees and noticed the ride took small bumps etc. pretty hard, now it may also be had to get a new battery and had a tpms sensor warning. tires were at 30 and 29, and they said they would fill them up to 35. Tire pressure could be part of it.

This may sound a little far-fetched . . .

a high quality set of aftermarket shocks/struts might actually improve the ride

I know many guys that swear by KYB . . . claiming it wasn’t until they went that route, that they got a decent ride quality


I’ll second that opinion. KYB makes a good product.

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