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Vehicle vibration

My vehicle vibrates at freeway speeds. It usually starts after a few minutes driving on the freeway and then the faster I go, the more it vibrates.
I had the calipers replaced, again, had a new used tire put on.
My friend, a mechanic for a long time, suggested that the front axles be replaced.I don’t want to spend money on replacing a bunch of parts to figure out what the real problem is.

If you have a lot of experience with this, then please respond.

Have the tires and wheels been balanced? Has one of the wheels been bent? Is it only at one end of the car? Have you swapped tires front to back to see if it follows? Has the alignment been checked? Are all the suspension bushings, ball joints and tie rods in good shape? Are the engine mounts in good shape? Are all 4 wheel bearings in good shape? Failing bearings and bent hubs come to mind. Why does your friend think it is axles?

I can go on and on because there are a LOT of things that can cause this. You need to supply some answers before we can go further.

Tell me what year Toyo this is, manual or automatic? How many miles plus all the stuff I asked in paragraph #1 and we’ll see if we can sort this out.

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Have someone follow you in another vehicle, and check to see if one of your tires is doing this.


Apparently you have another screen name and this unknown year and mileage Corolla has had problems since August 2019 . You have not said if those were solved or not. Give the excellent mechanics here more information so they can help you.

Bet your vibration would be gone if you got new wheels and new tires

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A new “used” tire is one of the problems in this equation. The most likely cause of your issue is tire/ wheel balancing. That is of course after the wheels were checked for being true and not bent. Balancing is very important and I see a great number of shops who completely ignore this for some reason…why I cannot fathom.

This suggests a tire that is delaminating and loosens up internally as it is worked.