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2014 Subaru Forester Vibration

My 2014 Subaru forester Vibrates at high speed only (over 60 MPH) and only when going straight. when i turn the wheel even slightly on a freeway (like when changing lane) the vibration stops. I replaced the cv axle shaft and the problem persists. It also stops when im on the freeway and hit the brakes but only for a moment, then it continues as i coast or step on the gas. I also got a tire rotation recently so its not a tire. Im really running out of ideas.

any help?

here’s some ideas

  • wheel weight has fallen off & wheel is now unbalanced
  • tire problem, out of round, side-to-side wobble, partial delamination, etc
  • wheel alignment problem
  • broken motor or transmission mount
  • has it every been involved in an accident? if so, bent frame/chassis improperly repaired.
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